There’s not much that Majistrate hasn’t covered in his 20 plus years in the dnb game, known for being a prolific award winning dj, and a producer who has been top of his game for close to 10 years.

As a producer he started way back with Juice, Splash & East Side Recordings before covering a career with labels including Valve, Playaz, & Bingo to name a couple.  Majistrate is obviously most well associated more recently for Low Down Deep releases, and for his own label imprint Sweet Tooth Recordings.  Some of the biggest jump up anthems have come from the mind of Maji, including: Step Up, Rise, Losing Control, & most recently Guillotine, Pick em Out & Pressure.  With 2 albums and countless releases to his name there’s not many sets played at a rave without a Majistrate beat!

DJ wise, he’s travelled the world, he’s played at the most intermit of venues, to the hugest of festival crowds.  Whatever the venue, however big the audience, you know what you’re getting with Majistrate!  Always a performance, and a set full of energy, exclusives & VIP’s!  Maji mixes on 4 cdj’s, and is expected to bring his jump up selection, but is known to regularly mix it right up and cover the full spectrum of drum & bass in his sets.  He’s best known for being a beast on the decks!

Majistrate is also well known to pair up at many a rave with long time friend and combination partner, MC Eksman.  The pair set standards with their infamous Independence Day studio mixes and now together they also create half of Problem Central alongside the HBS duo Evil B & Logan D.  This is a whole new exciting chapter for Maji & Co!

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