Eks marks the spot! 2018, Multi-award winning master of ceremonies, and the man behind the massive Next Hype & Overload parties, Eksman’s story is stuff of legend…

Breaking through into the scene in the late 90s, during a time when the MC circuit was notoriously locked down, Eksman is largely regarded as the king of MCs and remains a huge inspiration for the next generation of budding mic-munchers… As proved by his Best MC accolades and consecutive Best Lyrical MC & crowd Hype awards scored at the the national Drum & Bass Awards.

Like most MCs, Eksman’s roots can be traced directly to legendary pirate radio stations.  He’d have been a DJ if it wasn’t for his older brothers hogging the decks (one of them being famed jungle producer Remarc)

Undeterred, he picked up the mic instead. With broad inspirations that range from Ninjaman to Stevie Hyper D (RIP), Eksman spent his computer science degree penning rhymes and practicing his now-trademark tight-fire flow. With a lyrical range that flexes from political observations to three-way hotel romps, his delivery is one of the most distinctive available. Applying the grime ethos and attitude to D&B, Eksman is all about powerful lyrical vibes that everyone in the crowd can relate to and is often acknowledged as one of the first MCs to apply genuine, conscious raps to the double-time style.

While he’s no stranger to the studio – Eksman’s happiest when he’s on stage live, direct and 100 per cent D&B. A card carrying jungle soldier, he’s proudly ignored other genres in order to hone his drum & bass style and will happily explain how he’s constantly on a mission to elevate the scene’s respect for MCs as highly skilled performers and businessmen.

Meanwhile as a promoter, his award winning NEXT HYPE brand goes from strength to strength, constantly selling out 5 arenas and Nurturing exciting new talent of hot prospects from all around the country & providing a training ground for the next generation of DNB.

With regular appearances worldwide, and a hugely popular Independence Day mixtape series with DJ Majistrate, Eksman’s position as king of MC remains fully intact… And won’t shift for a long, long time to come.

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