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Problem Central is the freshest Drum and Bass outfit to take the world by storm. Although a new collective, Problem Central is built on the foundations of legend. Four powerful individuals, all kings by their own merit, assemble to what can only be explained as a Drum and Bass supergroup. DJs Majistrate & Logan D with MC’s Eksman & Evil B amalgamate to bring a show like nothing ever experienced before.

Majistrate is part of the early-nineties foundation of jungle and DnB, producing for labels like Splash and Juice. From that beginning, he’s consistently evolved and proven himself as a rave-wrecking deejay and producer across more than two decades. No wonder he’s been associated with some of the biggest brands in the scene, like Playaz, New Breed Crew, Valve, and, of course, his own Sweet Tooth imprint.

Then there’s Logan D. He’s been doing this since his early teens paying his dues and mastering the craft on pirate radio. Since then, he’s built a CV that includes deejaying across the globe, running the award-winning Low Down Deep brand, producing some of the scene’s biggest anthems, promotion of several-thousand capacity events…basically, he knows every aspect of the scene inside out.

Eksman is simply one of the most iconic and most influential emcees ever to do it. Rapidly rising through the ranks to become a founder member of the New Breed Crew in the nineties, he raised double-time to a science. A constant supply of new bars, new flows, and new concepts have left his many imitators in his wake. Now, instrumental as he is in bringing through up-and-coming artists via Next Hype, his place as an all-time great is assured.

And we’ve got Evil B, B Live, the SHUS Army general, the other half (along with Logan D) of those benchmark-setting HBS mixes…you know the levels we’re talking about with this man. He’s respected across the spectrum of the scene for the depth and technical skill of his writing. And, he adds to that an ability to hype and connect with a crowd born of years perfecting the craft in UKG, grime, or, seemingly, any genre he fancied turning his hand to.

Essentially, we’re looking at a team-up whose combined powers would make the Avengers think twice about a clash. Better get a fresh supply of body-bags and toe-tags, Problem Central are about to arrive.


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